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Q: Do I need to re-register my child after the Covid-19 non seasons of 2020?
Yes You would need to re-register. 

Q: What division should my child play in?  
Your child's age determines this, we have 6 Divisions 5u Tball,6u Modified, 8u coach pitch, 10u,12u and 14u. The u in those stands for under, you can have your child play up with approval but not down. 

Q: What does 6u Modified mean or 8u coach pitch?
6u modified is a version of tball that allows the kids to start to prepare for the next age group up. The kids get 3 pitches from a coach and then if they don't hit a fair ball they will get a swing on the tee. This age group is designed to get kids ready for 8u which is coach pitch. Coach pitch is very close to real baseball, the biggest difference is the coach pitches the ball to the boys. They get 6 pitches to put into play. If you have any other questions please email [email protected] 

Q: I registered my child, now what?

You should receive an email confirming your registration, if not your child is not registered. Once you receive the email it will tell you when registration is over, we sometimes extend registration to increase our numbers if we do, we will email to alert you. When rosters go out, we will email parents and coaches. You should hear from a coach within two business days, if you don’t please email [email protected]

Q: What will my child need to play? 
A: A glove is all that is required, a Bat can be purchased if you want to but is not required. Cleats are also something you might want to purchase, any cleat is fine as long as it is not metal unless your son is in the 15u age division. 

Q: What can I expect from the league’s uniforms?

A: Every Coach is given the option of ordering their own uniforms or getting uniforms from the League. If the league provides uniforms a dri-fit jersey and hat will be provided. They will include a EBA logo. Any customization (i.e. name on back, team name) will be out of pocket for the coach/team.

If the coach decides to do his own uniform, then $20 per kid will be given back to the coach. These uniforms will be up to the coach. We ask that they not spend more than $35 a kid. We allow you to use the same uniform for as many years as you want.

Q: What is the Fundraiser?

A: Every year we look at works the easiest for everyone, currently we are selling Raffle tickets. The prizes change on a yearly basis depending on what we can get (if you Have something you want to donate please let us know by emailing [email protected]) We will have these tickets ready by roster handouts, You will have until a specific date to turn in the money. We need this money turned in or your child will not be able to play.

Q: What is the time line for the season?

A: We are shooting for Beginning of April as opening day for spring and Mid to Late September for fall. We are shooting for end of school for the end of the season in spring and early November in fall.  These dates are tentative like they are every year, they will depend on us starting on time and weather.

Q: What is the plan for Rain outs?

A: We always try to play rain outs during the week if possible, sometimes we lose whole weeks and that makes it difficult to fit them in, so we like Saturdays and Wednesdays for makeup games. The day depends on when we can get umpires and scorekeepers, we prefer to keep the changes as small as possible. We also try to make a decision by 4 pm on each day. We will only announce actual rain outs, if we are playing you will not hear anything from the league. 

Q: How do I pick a coach?

A: We ask that you first reach out to the coach first before putting their name down. Coaches will try to have a full roster sign up for them, if you don’t speak to them your child may not end up on that roster.

Q: Is this just a select league now?

A: No, our intention is to allow parents to pick the coach best for their child.  There are different coaching philosophies as well as parent philosophies about what each are wanting the players to learn from the sport of baseball.  This will also allow players, parents and coaches to be able to stay together.  Teams that stay together have proven beneficial for increasing skill level faster on the team, as well as having an overall impact on the skill of the league.

Q: Why do you let teams stay together, its not fair to the new kids?

A: EBA was originally set up with a draft system, we did that for many years. What we found is the competition was no different. The coaches that had been around for a while were still drafting the same kids and new coaches got new kids every other year. We also lost a lot of kids to other leagues that allowed the parent to select the coach.  The biggest difference is for parents, you can request to not have a coach or request to be placed in the lottery instead of being stuck with the coach that drafted you. It also makes it easier to keep friends together. We do everything in our power to keep teammate requests together, it is not guaranteed but we do favor those relationships first. Coaches also like that they can keep a group of kids together and not have to start at square one every season. This has allowed us to hold on to more coaches than we have in the past.


Q: What if I don’t have a coach to pick?

A:That is not a big deal, If you don’t pick a coach your child will be placed on a team.

Q: Can I get a List of coaches?

A: We don’t have a list of coaches until we run background checks, we do not run background checks until registration is over. We ask that your reach out to the coach you would like to coach your child and make sure they have room.

Q: I want to pay in cash Where can I do that?

A: We will have in person registrations at the public works building on Hwy 34, we ask that you go in and sign up on the system before you go in to pay. They will not be able to take your money if your info is not in the system.

Q: I haven’t heard from my coach as of yet, who do I call?

A: First we ask that you go in and send a message on the Blue Sombrero system. The message in the system you should hear from your coach, if you don’t 2 days after your attempts, Please email [email protected] again, so we know and so we can give you direct access.

Q: What kind of Bat should I buy my child?

A:It needs to have a USA Baseball or USSSA stamp on it, the only other restriction is in 15u. IN 15u the bat must be no less than -5 (drop 5), meaning the length and weight can not be a bigger difference than 5. A 29 weight bat can not be longer than 34 inches. High school only allows a -3 (drop 3) and a BBCOR stamp, those are also legal in 15u only.

Q: I want to coach my son, what do I do?

A: First go to and sign up to volunteer, if you haven’t signed your son up yet you can do both at the same time. We ask that you also email [email protected].


Q: I have an issue with a coach/ Umpire/ league president who do I contact?

A: We always ask that you speak to the coach first,  then You need to email [email protected] so we are aware. We also ask that you have patience with your coaches as they are all volunteers. They volunteer to do a thankless job so the boys of the community can play baseball.

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